Danish organic duck - a very special delicacy.

Already as a day-old duckling, something special is made out of an organic duck. It will be called into the pen and will have access to special food and fresh water and will stay in pleasant warmth and with the best bedding which can be purchased. "Mother Duck" will stay with the ducklings minimum every one and a half hour in the first days of their lives. The organic ducklings start out in small flocks, a division which will be maintained throughout the life of the duck - whether it is 8 or 14 weeks. During that time, it will be fed with the most exquisite organic feeding material, which will be given both as whole grains and ready-mixed feed. After a few weeks, the duck will have free access to outdoor areas and from spring to October, it will have free access to large outdoor areas sown with different sorts of grains mixed with various organic delicate grasses and seed mixtures. The result is a duck which has had a lot of exercise, with a high percentage of meat and low in fat. Recognizable features are bright skin with darker color in the meat on the drumsticks, a nice meaty duck breast and very little fat.

All through the production process, animal welfare is being considered are addressed and the process is controlled by the authorities, who have been involved all the way with the making of this delicacy.

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