A good duck life

At Dansk And we do a great deal to ensure that the ducks have a good life before they are slaughtered – for the benefit of the animals, the quality of the meat and the taste experience. While the ducklings are small, they are provided with the heat they need until their feathers can do the job of keeping their body temperature at the correct level. They are given good dry feed, which is mainly based on wheat, oats, barley and corn while the proteins come from raw products such as peas, rapeseeds, soy beans and sunflower seed cakes. Together with fresh bedding of hay every day, the ducklings are given the best conditions in which to grow.
By nature, ducks are social creatures and are good to each other. Therefore, we provide them with ample space so they can move about and avoid damaging each other as a result of cramped conditions. In practice, this means that our ducks have about double as much space as the animals of our competitors abroad. Before the ducks can be slaughtered in Germany, they are loaded onto trucks and at Dansk And we do not utilise mechanical loading methods – it’s a shame for the ducks and a large portion of the animals perish from the harsh treatment. We load the ducks as gently as possible and the best way of doing this is the old-fashioned way – with our hands.

New traditions and good nourishment
At Dansk And we have a clear vision that duck must be a set element in the menu all year round – in Denmark and in other European countries, e.g. duck is a good choice for barbequing in the summer. We should also remember that duck is rich in polyunsaturated Omega 3 fatty acids, so not only does the fat give a wonderful taste experience - it is also good for us.

Traceability from farm to fork
Because Dansk And comprises five producers and a hatchery, it is very easy to trace the individual product all the way from the farm to the fork. Information on the packaging explains the
origin, time of slaughter, etc., and also provides the consumer with certainty that the quality is of the best. That we stand by our products creates peace of mind. Additionally, our focus on animal welfare, ethics and responsible breeding means that we live up to both Danish and international environmental labelling.